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EM5000HH | Martelo Hidráulico

The EK125HH is a hydraulic pile drive machine mounted on CAT323  equipped with a free fall hydraulic impact hammer. This free fall feature has many advantages:

• Half of the life cycle maintenance free since operated by gravity.
• Less installed power and less fuel consumption therefore.
• No need of impact reaction absorption by the hydraulic circuit when ram hits the pile, thus a much higher durability and the possibility of working with any kind of bearing  capacity and / or refusal specification.
• Much better rate ratio between piston weight and total hammer weight what implies on higher efficiency for same size machines.

Other important feature of the CZM hammer is the use of two external hydraulic cylinders which lift the ram up to the controlled height, quick and easy to visually, inspect and access for maintenance.

Ek125HH is a compact machine of quick set up for operation and transport mode and it is a one load equipment.The 360-degress of swing and its parallelogram gives agility in the pile location and the ability of working in very tight access.

The computer in the cabin controls a precise drop height and driving frequency on the already renown high energy transfer efficiency of this kind of hammer.  .


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