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EM5000HH | Martelo Hidráulico

The main application of Cased Helical Piles is the execution of walls of Secant Piles, as alternative of the Diaphragm Walls.

The main advantages are:

• There is no need for use of drilling fluid (benthic mud) with all costs and inconveniences from the large mud plants, from its handling and from the dirt that results at the site.

• Greater precision of verticality, ensuring a maximum deviation of 1.5%.

• Quick and clean concrete pouring. In submerged concrete pouring done on diaphragm walls, the concrete trucks remain parked for a lot of time in difficult urban areas, due to delay of this operation.

• It does not require the needed support crane that handles the hopper tubes, that is, used in submerged concrete laying.

• Better finish of surfaces of the piles, which are made with the coating tube, which is a form in itself.


• Without the entire paraphernalia of mud equipment and support crane, works of more restricted space can be performed.

• The disposal of non-contaminated soil by mud is much easier, and in smaller volume.

• Great water tightness of the joint between one pile to another. Because a pile is cut by the other, which serves it as form, well done and guided execution provides perfect sealing.

• The system today is widely used in Europe and in the United States as substitute method to the diaphragm walls drilled with benthic mud.


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