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EM5000HH | Martelo Hidráulico

EK250HH was developed by CZM using the Bauer-Fambo hydraulic hammer. This German brand employs the most advanced technology in hydraulic driving hammers available in the world market.

Contrary to other brands, the Fambo hammers were especially developed to be mounted on conveyor belt machines, instead of cranes.  For this reason, they present an excellent pile weight x total weight ratio and, consequently, are more efficient.

Other important characteristics are the use of two hydraulic cylinders for pile acceleration instead of one and, mainly that cylinders are not connected to it. This way, the hydraulic circuit does not receive reaction from the impact, presenting extremely high durability, with a very high working frequency.

Using this technology and CZM know-how on the characteristics of the Brazilian foundation market, we are able to offer a machine with international quality standard, at the same time ideal for Brazil in terms of robustness and operating cost.

Using the bases of all-inclusive bulldozers, agility and maintenance cost are impeccable.

Summing up to CZM ‘s technical assistance, which is headquartered in Brazil and commitment of absolute market leader, it can be explained why among the population of hydraulic pile drivers CZM is the best in operation in the Country.

Other advantages of the CZM hydraulic hammer:

• High efficiency in energy transfer.

• High driving frequency.

• Precise regulation of free fall height.

• Work with any type of nega,

• Fast and safe displacement.

• Agility in location of displacement due to 360-degree rotation on the belts.

• Simple and fast assembly mounting.

• Ease of transport.


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