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EM5000HH | Martelo Hidráulico

EK60 is a smaller version of the multipurpose model EK90M.

It is also the smallest drilling rig with paralelogram, of the CZM line.

Despite of having this feature and others that only the larger rigs usually have, it is a very compact rig.


The long reach and the versatility that the paralelogram allows is very usefull in tied access or when drillng in slopes or uneven ground.


The slide of the mast is also very helpfull in situations where reaching and locationg the hole is difficult.

The slide, the rotary long stroke and other features common to the EK 90 enables it to have versions for Micro Piling, CFA, Jet Grouting, besides the kelly bar version It is important to notice that the interlocking kelly bar sistem is very easy to operate.


Using the large stroke of the rotary, there is only one locking in each element of the kelly bar.

It is in top of each element, so that the operator easily finds it.


No pins are necessary to lock one bar to the other either.


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