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EM5000HH | Martelo Hidráulico

Mini compact continuous helix displacement 

It drills piles with a diameter of 300 mm together with the boundary/wall.

Multi-functional hydraulic drilling rig mounted on its own belt, versatile and high performance for executions of root pile (along the wall from a diameter of 14”), drilled pile with mechanical auger (along the wall from the  diameter of 300 mm), bottom hammer for drilling on rock, segmented helix , semi-helical displacement, Jet Grouting, and rotative borehole.


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Power - 75 HP - 56 kW

Maximum torque - 2,700 kg.m

Extraction force - 12,000 kgf

Pull down force - 1,000 kgf

Maximum diameter - 400 mm

Minimum diameter - 250 mm

Maximum depth - 12 m

Transportation weight -10,000 kg