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Bottom Drive CFA

EM5000HH | Martelo Hidráulico


• Significant improvement of stability, bringing greater safety in the continuous helical displacement operation.

• Excellent drilling depth x equipment weight ration, due to better position of the center of gravity, which facilitates availability and reduces transportation cost.

• Hydraulic axial pull (pull-down) on the centralized head to the drilling rig, which improves penetration in high hardness grounds.

• Highly effective drilling torques due to robustness of the head.

• Better power utilization due to small length of the hydraulic hoses that feed the drilling head, resulting in lesser load loss.

• Lighter drilling towers, since only compression and buckling are sized, because they do not suffer twisting of the head.

• Hydraulic extraction of the extension arm (drill extension) aided by hydraulic cylinder. The push cylinder (pull up) exercises a real pulling force in conjunction with the winch in the extension arm extraction phase.

The technical information of the equipment can vary without prior notice or responsibility from the manufacturer.


More information in the PRODUCT CATALOG. Technical information on the equipment may vary without prior notice or responsibility of the manufacturer..