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EM5000HH | Martelo Hidráulico

MC150 S, for Borehole was designed from the renowned CZM model MC150.

MC150 is the most popular model in Brazil for execution of rock piles and applications with DTH up to 14”.

CZM placed its engineering in contact with the technicians of renowned companies of the borehole area, to study the needs and to assimilate the particularities of the borehole applications.

The result is MC150 S, which is intended to various applications in the borehole area, among them:

• Wireline and Conventional rotative boreholes

• Mixed Borehole and Percussion with Automatic Penetrometer SPT.

• Borehole with Reverse Circulation - DTH

• Drilling with Hollow Auger

• Drilling with rig.

• Drilling with Bit.

• Drilling with DTH up to 12”.


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