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CZM was founded by the Italian immigrant, Loris Cló, in 1976 and its first machine was a drilling table for a totally Brazilian station. Due to the marked growth that arose in the years that followed, CZM received even further boost from Loris’ eldest son, the then engineer Dalvio Cló who joined the company at that time. At the end of the decade, it developed a patent that consisted in the “Bottom Drive CFA” system together with Brazil’s first continuous helical displacement machine causing CZM to be become leader in the sale of this type of equipment in Brazil.

In the 90’s, with the entry of Marcos Cló, engineer and the founder’s second son, the opportunity for CZM to internationalize itself was observed, and in 1992, it exported its first machine to Uruguay with the label MADE IN

BRAZIL, reason of pride for the company. The exports continued, primarily to neighboring countries followed by a few countries in Asia and currently to over 27 countries throughout the world.

At the beginning of the millennium, the company made an investment and installed its current main plant in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. Immediately after this expansion, two others took place: the construction of an affiliate specialized in boiler making in the city of Ravenna, in Italy. And a new plant in the city of Savannah, in the USA, establishing CZM-USA.

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